Tianjin Lingang Port Group successfully completed the first import of European automobile board

Recently, the ship "AO-A-Kembla" loaded with 2000 tons of imported European automobile board successfully completed the operation at the No.10 wharf of Tianjin Lingang Port Group. This operation is the first time that Tianjin Lingang Port Group has completed the import of European automobile board. At the same time, it is also designated by the SHIPPING company -- AAL SHIPPING of Singapore to carry out the unloading operation by Lingang Port Group, which has become an important witness of the joint development of cargo sources by port and shipping.

Singapore AAL SHIPPING Co., LTD. (AAL SHIPPING) is an internationally renowned general cargo, overweight, large project shipping carrier. The company has opened a number of liner routes with Tianjin Lingang Port Group. The company is the basic port in the north of our country is located in Tianjin Lingang Dagu port area, the two sides have become one of the most important partners. The imported European automobile plate in this operation is special steel, and the flow direction is Beijing Benz Automobile Co., LTD. Tianjin Lingang Port Group fully considered the characteristics of the goods, according to the actual needs of customers, many times to communicate with the external manager, freight forwarders, docking with relevant units in advance, organizing and holding a pre-ship meeting, to confirm the load of the sling, the length of the hanging bar, the stop height required for the inspection of the goods after the hook, the rubber pad of the barge and the reinforcement of the special coil steel bracket, storage conditions in the warehouse and other operation links. Improve the operation plan, strengthen the control of the wharf site, and carry out the whole process supervision and tracking service, which provides an effective guarantee for the safe and efficient smooth delivery of the project.

The successful completion of the import of European automobile board indicates that Tianjin Lingang Port Group has made progress in the "win-win mode" of in-depth cooperation with shipping companies to develop supplies, and also confirms that the safe and efficient equipment operation ability of the group has been highly recognized by the market and the majority of customers. In the next step, Tianjin Lingang Port Group will continue to consolidate and strengthen the process and results of "port and shipping union", give full play to the link between "ship" and "cargo", polish the Dagu port area of the high-quality brand, so that every guest coming from a long distance can feel the temperature and service of Lingang Port Group "rest assured, comfortable, save your mind".