Lingang Port Group successfully held a series of sports ball friendly games to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the opening of Dagu Port Area

From the afternoon of September 3 to September 18, in order to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the opening and navigation of Dagu Port Area, show the good spirit of the striving people in Dagu Port Area, and enhance the contact and friendship with the units in the area, Lingang Port Group organized and held the "Hand in hand, together with innovation and brilliance, cohesion and strength to start again" sports ball friendly competition. This 15-day wonderful friendship competition was actively participated by Lingang Customs, Dagu Estuary Maritime Safety Bureau, Tanggu Border Inspection Station, Donggu Police Station, Lingang Police Station and other units in the district, and also won the majority of sports fans to stop and watch. Lingang Port Group and all units in the area work together, strive hard, with the competition to ignite the Dagu port area autumn passion!

This friendly competition is divided into three major competitions: basketball, football and badminton.

Basketball game scene Shouting, cheering, defense, rob board, attack, shooting, the game is extremely intense, beautiful steals, wonderful passing, won the applause of the audience.