Group Overview

Group Overview

Address: Lingang Port Building, Hunhe Road No. 529, Lingang District, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone
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022-65367001 / 65367084 / 65367099
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022 -65367003
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Tianjin Dagu Port International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Dagu Port International Logistics Co., Ltd. relies on advanced port resources, devoting to the development and agency of foreign trade goods market, providing comprehensive logistics services that including road and rail transportation, container, multimodal transport and logistics finance. According to the specific requirements of the customers, our company is always striving for providing one-stop door to door logistics service.

Telephone: 022-65367096
Fax: 022-25642355
Mailbox: daguportgjwl@126.com

Tianjin Lingang Freight Co., Ltd.

The company is a professional engaged in domestic coastal cargo agents, shipping agents, customs declaration, inspection, storage, transportation, marine booking and other services. Relying on the advantaged geographical location and resource advantages of Dagu Port area in Lingang district, the company seizes the opportunity and develops scientifically. The annual average number of agent ships is more than 1000, and the agent cargo is more than millions of tons. The operation is distributed in each wharf of Dagu Port area. As an important representative for Dagu Port area and Tianjin marine area to provide external services, the company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, integrity and win-win", and provides all-round and high-quality comprehensive services for customers coming to the port.

Telephone: 022-65367015/66619859
Fax: 022-66619860
Mailbox: linganghuoyun@126.com

Tianjin Lingang Shipping Co., Ltd.

It possesses several horsepower tugs such as 5200P full rotation dual-use tractor tugs, 3600P tugs, etc. It provides customers with services such as berthing and departing push, escort, water fire fighting, environmental protection, and maritime search and rescue.

Telephone: 022-66619092 / 022-65367211
Fax: 022-65367030/7211
Mailbox: lingangchuanwu@126.com

Tianjin Lingang Stolthaven Jetty Company

The berth level of the wharf is 50,000 tons, providing high-quality professional liquid chemical terminal operation services, and the loadable liquid chemicals reach more than 100 types.

Telephone: 66619823/9824
Fax: 66619816
Mailbox: sc@lgstolt.com

Tianjin Lingang Warehouse Petrochemical Jetty Co., Ltd.

Our company achieved grade 2 of safety production standardization, with berth class of 50,000 tons. Equipped with the hydraulic structure constructed strictly meeting the standard of 100,000 tons, our company is a professional terminal engaging in oil and liquid chemicals unloading and shipment.

Telephone : 022-25642218
Fax: 022-25642682
Mailbox: 9haoyehuamatou@lingang-jinneng.com

Tianjin Lingang Vopak Bohua Jetty Co., Ltd.

Our company owns two 50,000-ton liquefaction wharves, which are capable of simultaneously docking 2 ships of 50,000-ton or 4 ships of 5,000-ton. The designed handling capacity of our wharf is 3.8 million tons per year. Our company provides shipment, receiving, and transportation services (including pipeline transportation) for a wide range of chemical products, oils and other liquid and gaseous products (including gas and liquid oil products).

Telephone: 022-25268152
Fax: 022-25268685
Mailbox: haijing.ren@vopak.com

Tianjin Stolthaven Lingang Terminal Co., Ltd.

With the total tank contain volume of about 130,000 cubic meters, our company enjoys world class chemical operation equipment and facilities, and we are an international company that devotes to providing professional operation and storage of bulk flammable and explosive liquid chemicals.
Telephone : 022-66619101/9951
Fax: 022-66619930
Mailbox: sales@stoltlg.com