Group Overview

Group Overview

Address: Lingang Port Building, Hunhe Road No. 529, Lingang District, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone
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022-65367001 / 65367084 / 65367099
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022 -65367003
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Fax:022 -65367084


Lingang in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone enjoys an independent golden channel - Dagusha Channel, shoreline with 13km developed and 13km to be developed and cherished land resources. We adopts the layout of port front and factory back, thus whether you choose to cooperate with us in the development of wharf shoreline, or in wharf loading or unloading, logistics and transportation, or investing in the construction of a factory, we will provide qualified port services and a superior cooperative environment, Therefore, we sincerely hope that domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers, shipping enterprises, shippers and logistics companies and other parties to cooperate with us, choosing Tianjin Lingang and getting profit in Tianjin Lingang.

Port logistics, trade (main items: General cargo, automobiles)
Dagu Port area has formed a mature trade chain of general cargo logistics, and we will increase the promotion and development of automobile trading platform in the future.

Port heavy equipment manufacturing industry
Lingang regards itself as the world-class equipment manufacturing base with port and industrial integration. In January 2018, the Centre for Regional Economic Cooperation between China and the EU (Binhai) was officially inaugurated, and we are the best partner for the manufacturing enterprises, especially for the heavy equipment manufacturing enterprises that in need of equipment for maritime services, automobiles, aviation.

Port intelligent equipment manufacturing industry
Lingang cast eyes on the exploitation and utilization of marine resources. Port intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, dominated by marine science and technology, is growing into a new drive force in Lingang, with the aim at establishing a marine high-tech industrial base that integrates research and development, production, technology and product exchange as well as training.

Grain and oil processing industry
Dagu Port area will form a diversified grain, oil and food industry development platform including grain and oil processing, food processing, warehousing, transit, and e-commerce.

Cooperation and development of port coastal resources
We enjoy 13km shoreline to be developed. Sincerely looking forward to your cooperation to expand our container business.